Cypress Energy Partners, L.P.

Inspection Services

TIR provides experienced professionals for all classifications of construction inspection, including but not limited to: CWI, API 653, API 510, API 570, NACE.

  • Employs specific individuals according to client preference.
  • Resumes of Tulsa Inspection personnel are available for client review upon request.
  • Our custom database has in excess of 10,000 professionals to draw from.
  • Individuals are thoroughly screened to assure their competence prior to any assignment being made.
  • TIR offers continuing education through Operator Qualification (OQ) testing and renewal processes.

Classifications of Inspectors

Construction Coordinator
Chief Inspector
Assistant Chief Inspector
Certified Welding Inspector
Certified API 653 Tank Inspector
Safety Inspector
NDT Auditor – Level II Film Interpretation
E & I Inspector
NACE Coating Inspector
Utility Inspector
Non-Certified Welding Inspector
Non-Certified Tank Inspector
Office Manager
Material Expeditor
Vendor Inspector
Tie-In Inspector
Directional Drill Inspector
Safety Inspector


Pipelines, Plants, and Related Facilities

Tulsa inspection can provide an inspector for a particular assignment or for all construction phases of a project. TIR personnel are highly qualified professionals who are very conscientious about their responsibility to represent TIR and the best interests of our clients.


Tulsa Inspection Resources has experience in numerous projects including:

  • Pipelines, new construction and rehabilitation.
  • Process plants
  • Pump and compressor stations (grassroots and upgrades)
  • Pig tracking and pigging facilities
  • Terminals
  • Tanks
  • Inline pipeline inspection and remediation programs
  • Inspection oversight of maintenance activities related to inline inspection and preparation for inspection
  • Maintain organization structure for quality control areas which insures regulatory compliance (DOT 195, DOT 192, ASME B31.4, and API STD 1104, etc.)
  • Detailed project cost tracking.


We are continuously seeking personnel with experience in any of the above Inspector Classifications. If you are interested in being considered for any projects, please submit your resume to resumes@tulsainspection.com.