Cypress Energy Partners, L.P.

Data Management Services

It is the philosophy of TIR that along with performing top quality field work that a project’s documentation is vital to its overall success. High quality field documentation is crucial for the historical record of the project and to enhance its future value. Data management is a key differentiator for Tulsa Inspection relative to its’ competitors.


Tulsa Inspections Resources takes advantage of technology in the collection, transmission, and storage of field data so that clients have the data available when critical integrity decisions need to be made.


Inline Inspection and Remediation Documentation

  • AGM (Above Ground Marker) and computer generated maps with driving instructions
  • Detailed pig tracking and AGM deployment record
  • Remediation as-built drawings and dig site location documentation
  • Automated dig sheet generation
  • Technical documentation for construction and pipeline remediation
  • AGM survey data can be exported to numerous formats to be compatible with client GIS (Geographical Information System)

DOT Auditable Project Books

  • A permanent record of a complete project with all pertinent documents such as: permits, ILI logs, photographs, maintenance reports, safety documentation, NDE reports, anomaly assessment calculations, welding data, repair records, etc.
  • Books are provided to client both in paper format and electronic PDF.
  • Electronic data is additionally stored on a secure TIR server for long term storage.