Cypress Energy Partners, L.P.

In-Line Inspection Support Services

Tulsa Inspection Resources, LLC can provide pipeline operators with highly skilled and experienced personnel to fully support a pipeline in-line inspection (smart pig) program.

Pigging support services include:

  • Pre-inspection site visits and recommendations
  • AGM (Above Ground Marker) site selection, survey, and documentation
  • GPS survey of AGM locations to client requirements up to sub-centimeter (0.4 inch) accuracy
  • Mechanical pipeline cleaning and cleaning consulting
  • Design of pigging program with recommendations and monitoring of flow conditions
  • Pig tracking and AGM deployment
  • Dig site staking, survey, and documentation
  • Dig site construction inspection and documentation
  • AGM Selection, Survey, and Documentation

TIR employs personnel that have provided Above Ground Marker survey for over 30,000 miles of pipeline since 1990. Using experienced gained through that time and by implementing innovative data collection and presentation approaches, TIR is the industry leader in AGM Survey and Documentation.
TIR employs industry-leading data collection software that allows for high quality reporting in minimal time. The software is able to:

  • Enforce consistent collection procedures
  • Expedite and organize collected data during field work
  • Generate high quality reports within a few days of completion of field work
  • Export to a number of custom client-specific formats, GIS systems, risk assessment, etc.
  • Export GPS and site data to a number of popular navigation mapping formats
  • Easily archive project data for future use
  • Support quality control that identifies common errors such as missing data fields, incorrect pipeline station numbers, and other problems.

Sample Reporting