Cypress Energy Partners, L.P.

Project Managment

Tulsa Inspection Resources offers personnel capable of delivering full Project Management for pipeline in-line inspection projects.


Tulsa Inspection Project Managers work in conjunction with pipeline operator personnel and / or other contractors and vendors to deliver high quality inspection programs. Such programs encompass all levels of program plan including:

  • Operator Integrity Management Plan (IMP) specifications
  • Historical as-built, repair, and maintenance record search and analysis
  • Risk assessment to define specific pipeline threats
  • Selection of inspection tool vendor
  • Pipeline preparation for in-line inspection such as AGM documentation and survey, assessment of launch and trap facilities, cleanliness, and line suitability to pass an inspection tool.

The TIR project manager will provide comprehensive project progress and cost tracking, reporting can be customized to meet client requirements.


Additional pipeline maintenance activities that TIR Project Management specializes in are:

  • Design of pipeline batching projects for in-line inspection
  • Nitrogen purging and control of inspection tools propelled with nitrogen
  • Pipeline cleaning and gauging
  • In-line inspection feasibility assessments
  • Hydrotest support
  • Department of Transportation ILI assessment and remediation documentation