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(Flaw Analysis and Sizing Technique) is an innovative technology that has been developed to allow for reliable ultrasonic inspection in a variety of components, materials and thicknesses.

FAST™ is an innovative way to use a longitudinal wave to do both detection and sizing of flaws. The most outstanding feature of FAST™ is the significant reduction of false calls while maintaining very high levels of detection.

FAST™ has been successfully applied to:

  • PDI qualified pipeline integrity examinations
  • Through-wall sizing of planar flaws
  • stress Corrosion Cracking sizing
  • Heat exchanger tube welds
  • Boiler tube welds
  • Single side access S/S examinations
  • Thin-wall crack detection

New applications are regularly being developed to assist in the inspection of new welds. FAST™ UT has made inspection of thin-walled components feasible and reliable.