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OD Anomaly Assessment

The Creaform laser scanner and Pipecheck software combine to provide extremely accurate (up to 50 micron) and repeatable results with acquisition speeds up to 80 times faster than manual pit depth gauging.


Corrosion: the Pipecheck corrosion module offers very fast and reliable data processing that generates instant, on-site results. In comparison with traditional measurement methods, this software offers accuracy and repeatability that are beyond expectations.


Mechanical Damage: the Pipecheck mechanical damage module has been developed specifically for pipeline mechanical damage analysis. This module features numerous key functionalities that increase dent understanding and facilitate the decision making process.


Corrosion in Mechanical Damage: Pipecheck software is the one and only solution on the market to offer sophisticated tools able to extract corrosion depth that is located within a mechanical damage. This confidence will result in a lower maintenance cost and in a reduced risk of costly failure.


nde_scan nde_analyze NDE_REPORT
  • High resolution capture of all corroded areas.
  • Fast surface acquisition to increase efficiency.
  • Improved scanning performance for small features such as pitting.
  • Feature detection using real pipe geometry.
  • Automatically applied interaction rules.
  • Estimated burst pressure calculation.
  • Enhanced virtual pit gauge capabilities near welds and obstacles.
  • Excel report including worst-case-profile and predicted failure path.
  • Export to CSV available for further analysis.
  • Mesh export available.
  • Customizable pass/fail criteria.
  • Snapshot tool for 3D reporting.