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(Quality Ultrasonic Examination and Sizing Technology) is an enhanced or automated version of FAST™ and, when applied allows for less expensive and more reliable inspection of pipeline welds.

When QUEST™ UT is utilized, the entire weld volume is examined in one scan, and many flaw sizes and shapes can be obtained. With QUEST®, there is no limitation on thin-walled material and only one side of the weld in needed for scanning.


Pipeline Integrity
Frequently, anomalies detected are non-injurious, such as minor longitudinal weld defects, minor pitting, minor trimming tool gouges, minor dents and bulges. Once characterized, QUEST® can also reliably size the flaws, whether ID or OD connected.

QUEST® can accurately depth size long seam OD cracking found after Magnetic Particle examination.


Other Attributes of QUEST® and FAST™

  • Only 1 calibration block is needed for the entire range of thickness, materials and curvatures.
  • Detection, characterization, through-wall sizing and length sizing are done during the detection scan with no changes necessary in setup parameters or equipment.
  • Geometric reflectors are virtually eliminated.