Cypress Energy Partners, L.P.

Safety & OQ

Tulsa Inspection will strive to provide a safe work environment for all employees, subcontractors, and clients. Safe working conditions are achieved through efficient communication, thorough hazard analysis, and continuous training.


Safety Program

  • Tulsa Inspection employs a full-time Safety Coordinator that is a Certified OSHA Construction Outreach Trainer.
  • Our workplace safety plan has a 100% compliance rating from the ISNetworld Safety Compliance Program.
  • Each employee’s training and cartifications are housed in our extensive in-house database. Records are available on request.
  • All safety training is posted to the ISNetworld database for easy client access.


Supplemental Training
Tulsa Inspection has the facilities, training aids, and qualified instructors to provide additional training. We are willing to facilitate training courses as requested by clients and will invoice only for Tulsa Inspection’s actual costs.


Operator’s Qualification (OQ)
In compliance with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) Operator Qualification Rule, Tulsa Inspection has adopted the API/COOQ covered task list.

Tulsa Inspection utilizes the training resources and testing principles of the following entities:

Tulsa Inspection has a number of certified NCCER Evaluators on staff. This allows TIR to respond quickly to the training needs of our employees as well as to provide training and qualification to outside parties. To schedule your OQ evaluations contact:
DJ Lorett, (918) 274-1100 DJLorett@tulsainspection.com or Jim Crawford, (918) 274-1100 jcrawford@tulsainspection.com


DOT Gas Rule – 49 CFR Part 192
DOT Liquid Rule – 49 CFR Part 195


Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program
Tulsa Inspection’s Drug Plan and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan complies with all requirements of the DOT Research and Special Programs Administration requirements of 49 CFR Parts 199 and 40. TIR is a current member of the Pipeline Testing Consortium. All employee records are available through the Pipeline Testing Consortium. Our Drug Plan and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan are available for client review upon request.

  • Pre-employment drug testing and background check as required by DOT
  • Random drug tests required through period of employment
  • Post accident drug testing required for on-the-job incidents
  • Non-DOT drug testing conducted upon client request
  • ASAP Drug & Alcohol program member (California)
  • Positive tests result in immediate removal of employee from client site and termination of employment